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Re: "James Bond 23" officially slated for 2012!

^ Ewan Stewart. Thank God for search engines!

I should stress that this was just a rumour and I've no way of knowing how accurate, if at all, it was. His agent probably spread the story about to get him some publicity! I'd also forgotten that Alex Lachlan was on the list.

Interesting list you linked to btw. I hadn't seen a lot of those names on it before (and I hadn't heard of some of the actors before). I would like to have seen Dougray Scott get a crack at it but didn't think he'd been auditioned. OTOH, I'd always heard that Colin Firth was keen to play 007, but that article suggests he'd turned it down as he wasn't interested.

As for Iain Glen - this probably goes in the 'too much information' file but I remember, after Dalton left, having a dream that Glen had replaced him. My dream even had me watching a motorbike sequence from Glen's debut movie, a bit like the chase in Never Say Never Again. I nearly put a bet on him, on that basis. But I didn't!

Incidentally, my searching did turn up this pic of Henry Cavill's audition from 2005. Doesn't look very Bondian, does he?!

And this series of pics from the OHMSS auditions (sadly it doesn't include the father of comedian Des Bishop, which inspired Des' 'My Dad Was NearlyJames Bond' show)
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