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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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so why is it so hard to imagine the situation where Voyager went up against the Tactical cube and was able to hold on it's own for a few minutes?
Because its completely idiotic based on what we've seen of previous encounters with the Borg?
Sans the massacre of Wolf 359, the Enterprise-D managed to last in a firefight with a Borg cube for a small amount of time as well.
If you're going to bash Voyager for weakening the Borg, then have some courtesy to admit that other shows made the hero ships equally 'too powerful' against them... such as TNG.

What's idiotic is a imperialistic race that nearly wiped out an entire armada with one ship... a ship that was put to sleep by one recalcitant drone and they DIDN'T IMMEDIATELY SEND ANOTHER CUBE to finish the job with the sleep command disabled.

The BORG were so "frightened" of the almighty Federation that they actually sent their QUEEN years later to go up against that mighty "ship"... Picard/Data and slip into the PAST to assimilate Earth.
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