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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

I think my current problem with SyFy's current line-up is that it is all so safe and bland. Everything has to be relatable and contemporary. Even my favorite of their current shows Alphas, is unwilling to swing for the fences and even try to be great(you could argue it tried that in its season finale, and poof that showrunner is gone now). So instead we have stuff like Warehouse 13 which is enjoyable enough, but doesn't even try to be anything but average. Say what you will about BSG, or Farscape but those shows took some risks and were better because of it.

Ironically, the Legion series could be good if they swing for the fences and embrace the insanity of that whole milieu. But knowing SyFy(I'm jaded, I admit it), it will be as middle of the road and as whitebread as possible.
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