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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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And here we go again.
Defending TV shows is the never-ending battle, buddy...
It's a never ending battle alright. Especially when it comes down to one guy repeatedly yelling about a Hatedome that doesn't exist, counter-attacking against outrageous claims that were never actually made, and rolling back the conversation every time it comes up again, acting like the previous twenty blow-ups never even happened.
Is that why you're here? To try and mollify these two groups that are constantly at each other's throats? (Disclaimer: no one is actually at anyone's throat)
I try.
Way to miss the point.

Let me spell it out: the bit after the word "Disclaimer" was the important part.
I try to point out the differences between the Borg ships encountered so to better justify VOY's survival without having to say "The Borg were weakened." I don't see the problem with pointing out the differences between the Assimilation Cube (I got the name from the Armada video games) and the Tactical Cube so to extrapolate that the Tactical Cube was weaker than the Assimilation Cube. Yes, they said it was heavily armed, but they never said "It's heavily armed compared to the Assimilation Cube."
So you're saying that you don't see the problem with:
-declaring that the BoBW cube is called an "Assimilation Cube"... even though it's not
-then declaring that it's substantially different than the "Tactical Cube" encountered by Voyager and described by Seven... even though there is no proof that it IS all that different
-then "extrapolating" that it's not only substantially different, but weaker than the other cube, despite the fact that the tactical cube is the only Borg ship in the history of Trek to be referred to as "heavily armed"
-and the basis for this is that the crew didn't explicitly say that it WASN'T weaker.

...yeah, no problem there at all.
If Voyager had done the same thing to the Tactical Cube, the response WOULD be that the ship should've survived the power of a Sun. BOBW never said that a Sun was powerful enough to destroy a Borg ship, after all.
I'm not going to waste time writing huge paragraphs of text debunking this - again - so I will just say: no, the response wouldn't have been that. That's nonsense.
And that ship was a Borg vessel, we see it again on a Borg viewscreen in "Dark Frontier".
So? All that proves is that as of several years after "Descent", the Borg were aware of the ship type used by Lore and the rogues. Doesn't mean it was one of theirs.
And even if it wasn't, it still had to have been built from the original Borg ship Hugh and his crew were traveling in (it has the Borg colors, the same green energy and sound FX).
Yeah, cause only the Borg have green energy weapons.

Let's also ignore the fact that it uses a method or propulsion that the Borg are NEVER seen using, and that if it were a "proper" Borg ship, it would be the only one that is asymmetrical and blocky and lumpy and... looks nothing at all like a Borg ship, basically.
Seriously? So some random Youtube guy thinks Voyager shouldn't be able to take on a probe, and that proves your point?
The idea being that VOY should've been destroyed in one shot from any Borg vessel, never should've been able to run from any Borg vessels, any assimilated people should never be de-assimilatible (despite TNG showing otherwise).
Ah yes, back to the extremes. You do realize the only one on this board who has ever brought up this "ALWAYS DOOMED ALL THE TIME" scenario is you?
Seeing how a lot of the stuff about the Borg is really just made up/fandom assumptions,
Not really, no.
fair's fair.
Even if the above were true, it would mean that you were admitting to taking arguments that someone somewhere made once, years ago, and then throwing those arguments in the faces of other people - people who never made them - and accusing them of... well, of making them.

You are yet again treating those who criticize VOY as one giant monolithic entity. We are not responsible for what some irrational haters might have said eight years ago, or whatever.


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