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The 12 Worst Star Trek: DS9 Episodes Ever

Deep Space Nine was, for my money, the best of the Star Trek series. This show went deeper and further than any other one had before, and any would thereafter, and the writers produced many compelling storylines with top-notch acting.

They didnít hit the bullseye with every single one, however. These are the twelve worst episodes of DS9.

12. Valiant
6th season

This episode probably would not make most peoplesí lists, but it made mine.

During the Dominion War, an elite group of snotty cadets were in command of a Federation starship, which was behind enemy lines collecting information. Then, because theyíre awesome, they think they can destroy a JemíHadar warship. As it turns out, the answer was no, they could not.

Donít get me wrong: the story was fine. My problem with this episode is that the characters were such obnoxious smartasses that I wanted to jump through my TV and punch every single one of them in the face. I felt no connection to them at all Ė only to Jake, who was pretty much the only sane person aboard. The captain was a pompous ass, the first officer was a smug bitch on wheels (or, more aptly, a bitch on impulse engines), and the rest thought they were just great.

Yeah, the ship blew up at the end, but by the time it did, I had already spent most of the episode not liking a majority of the characters.

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