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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

And here we go again.
Anwar wrote: View Post
I try to defend both VOY and the Borg in a manner that keeps both the VOY fans and the Borg fans happy, and I still get nothing but criticism. Figures.
Is that why you're here? To try and mollify these two groups that are constantly at each other's throats? (Disclaimer: no one is actually at anyone's throat)

This isn't about you trying to make people happy, it's about you saying something that is incorrect, and then repeating that same thing over and over.
Does anyone complain that Crusher took out the Renegade Borg Cruiser in "Descent"? No.
Of course they don't. They used a frakking solar flare to destroy it. Complaining that the Borg should be able to withstand natural destructive forces of that magnitude would be silly. Also, it wasn't a normal Borg ship.
Does anyone think the Ent-D or Ent-E could never defeat a Borg Probe ship? No.
Good thing no one believes that Voyager could never do the same, then.
Does anyone think that VOY could survive any encounters with the Borg, even if all they do is sh*t themselves and run away? No.
What? That last one didn't even make any sense.

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