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Re: A great way to spend 55 minutes

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Well, forget that. It looks like Netflix removed about 50 DS9 eps.

I think I'll just have TMOTTH on when she comes home and see if if she shows any interest.
Well, that didn't work! She sat down for about 30 seconds before heading off into the other room.

While she was in there, I snuck in another DS9 ep., "Looking for Par'Mach in All The Wrong Places." Man, maybe I should have shown her THAT one first!

Ah, well.

Destructor wrote: View Post
I think with DS9 you basically have to love the characters to enjoy the show, which can't really happen after ANY first episode. It takes a committment! Sad but true.
Yeah, that's the thing. *I* think these episodes are brilliant because I love the characters. To an outsider, I might as well be watching Zoobilee Zoo.

Nah, I think it's a lost cause. She likes TNG a bit, but thinks TOS is corny and DS9 is boring. Nobody's perfect.
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