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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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Not really, the Tactical Cube was smaller and weaker than the Assimilation Cube (the one from "Q,Who?" and BOBW)
LOL NO. You keep saying that and it continues to sound like total and utter bullshit to me.
It is.

Anwar went round 'n round with several people back in this thread's previous life, and - unsurprisingly - there isn't any actual evidence that a "Tactical Cube", a ship described as being "heavily armed", would be weaker than the cube seen in BoBW. Even the notion that it was physically smaller was left ambiguous after the dust had settled. Also, he is again employing the completely made-up term "Assimilation Cube" and throwing it about as if it were a long-established thing that everyone knows, despite the fact that the phrase "Assimilation Cube" has never been uttered on screen.

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