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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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being frugal is no fun. Maybe when S1 comes out I'll get a 46"~50".
I understand in these economic times most of use have tightened the purse strings. For Trek fans the ability to see TNG in HD this year is really a gift and the cost of the Blu-ray in August for $85.-95. is gonna hurt. Start saving now.
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the reality is that on widescreen TV's, when you sit far away, you want as much picture as possible. Maybe it's cause I only have a 40".
ModusOperandi unless you have a 46" HDTV you are not going to get the full benefit of 1080p resolution if you sit far away in a larger room.
46" inch TV = For 1080p (19201080) resolution, you must sit: 6 feet or closer for full benefit
go ahead and see the link. You can type in the inches of your screen to see how close you must sit. For a 40" HDTV it is 5 ft maximum distance.

Elsewhere it has been said even larger screen size:
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