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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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LOL its absurd, your attempts at explaining it away just make me laugh. Sometimes bad writing and continuity is just bad writing and bad continuity. Just call a spade a spade.
Ah I see.
By that analogy, it's just as laughable the Enterprise-D survived the onslaught from the cube's cutting beams in BoBW RIGHT until the part where Data put the Borg 'to sleep'.
Or where the Enterprise-D suffered critical damage from a dingy BoP which realistically should have been destroyed in an opening salvo if Riker was smart enough to order it in the first place.

Or how about the Defiant being 'spared' destruction in it's first confrontation with the Dominion bug ships when the Oddysey was destroyed simply because the 'heroes' were on board?

Or how many times have we heard 'shields cannot survive another hit' and then hearing at least a dozen impact shots?

Point being... my explanation is hardly a 'poor excuse for bad writing'.
Real life is certainly complicated enough to throw numerous wrenches into people's expectations, so why is it so hard to imagine the situation where Voyager went up against the Tactical cube and was able to hold on it's own for a few minutes?
Certainly the smaller ship was seen on the losing side if anything... not on the winning one.
Also... have you even SEEN how the queen behaved all emotional?
Why else would she invoke the cube's self destruct especially when it could have won?

What about First Contact?
Why wasn't the cube destroyed by an entire fleet of SF ships and conveniently waited for the Enterprise to show up and deliver the finishing blow?
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