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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

Captain Tracy wrote: View Post
2. HOWEVER, since Eleen is trapped in the cave entrance, even if you should elect NOT TO KILL HER (and her unborn), She would remain 'Stuck', and If she would live long enough, the baby would be born into a cave filled with deadly gas,.. and the new Teer dies instantly.
But would she in fact remain "stuck?" From your scenario it doesn't sound like Eileen is being actively crushed by the cave-in, only that she is pinned. Since phasering her, and not the surrounding rock, will create the opening large enough for the egress of Kirk and McCoy, you are saying that only her mid-section is actually pinned. You stipulated that her head is clear, she can breath outside air, and if she were buried down to her ankles, the the two officers wouldn't be able to escape through that size opening subsequent to the (let's use the word) murder.

So only her waist area is pinned, and she is near term in her pregnancy, so is Eileen doomed to die without assistance? No, and this is why. When Eileen's water breaks, she will lose a quart of physical volume, plus she would become "slippery." Next the future Teer would be repositioned by Eileen's muscles prior to his birth, he would "drop." Head down and feet up, moved close to the birth canal. This too would decrease the size of Eileen's waist area.

If (there's that word) the rocks holding Eileen in place are fixed in position, and not actively crushing her, then a good hour before birth she would be able to wiggle free and leave the vicinity of the cave opening. Her freeing herself would also release the poison gas into the air, but it would then immediately be mixed with outside air, and as long as Eileen didn't linger, she would be fine from the poison.

McCoy would have realized just what I told you in a heartbeat, and would have prevented Kirk from phasering Eileen

When you thought up this scenario Captain Tracy, you obviously were not thinking like a woman.

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