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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

It will be interesting to see how well genre pilots fare in pickups, given the example set by The Walking Dead. More basic cable records fall to the zombie apocalypse.

Everyone in cable land must be paying attention to how that show fared vs the big-deal Grammys, when other shows saw their ratings fall because of the Whitney Houston hype. That kind of immunity to special events is very impressive, and should opens up the field for more sf/f series that are heavy on character drama and not obsessed with all action, all the time.

There aren't many actual zombie series in contention for cable, well not any unless you count Zombies and Cheerleaders. But there are several that look like they could follow TWD's modus operandi:

AMC has Thunderstruck - humanity plagued with doubts and fears due to mysterious alien visitations (doesn't that sound just perfect for Rick, Lori and Shane?) FX has Powers - based on a graphic novel, too! Sounds like that one is in rewrites but I'm still hopeful.

HBO has Year Zero (dystopian future); Showtime has The Damned (gang war between demons in Chicago) and Under the Dome (Stephen King story about a trapped town). TNT's genre pilots follow more of the cop-show model; Falling Skies might serve as their answer to TWD (lame as that might be).
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