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Re: A great way to spend 55 minutes

BennyRussel wrote: View Post
"Fascination" may be considered a nice "couples show" for those just getting into DS9
Hmm. Now there's a thought! Maybe I'll ambush her with it when she gets home.

Sindatur wrote: View Post
For humor, Little Green Men, maybe or House of Quark
Both of those are good suggestions.

BennyRussel wrote: View Post
I can't think of any episodes other than "Little Green Men" that your 5-year-old might like but others may think of something.
I was thinking about "Little Green Men" or "Take Me Out To The Holosuite" for the humor and "Captive Pursuit" for the aliens/monsters.

Ln X wrote: View Post
You guys are gonna kill me for this suggestion, but perhaps Move Along Home will be to the five year old's liking?
Heh. We'll call that "Plan C."
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