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Re: Why do people keep saying Voyager weakened the Borg?

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and when it took on the tactical cube they had Seven of nine expertise as well anti-Borg modifications made by a 29th century drone...also during that battle we saw Voyager making circles and maneuvering around the Tactical cube so fast,that is clearly a tactical advantage unlike the Galaxy who was so fat and slow and barely moved in a battle.
Voyager was going to be DESTROYED by a sphere in "Drone" despite the help from a 29th century drone. Voyager taking on a tactical cube in "Unimatrix Zero" was a load of bullsh*t, nothing can change my mind on that. That whole episode was awful and the first truly terrible Borg episode in my opinion (although I thought "Collective" wasn't very good), you can refer to sfdebris's recent review on how inept it was.
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