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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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Sins and Inner Light would both display more film grain for two reasons.

A lot of Sins of the Father was shot in low light conditions so the production would have used a faster film stock because it's more light sensitive. These film stocks tend to have a much more dense grain structure.

Inner Light would display more grain simply because of the way the episode was lit. Very high contrasts tend to show off the grain structure of film (though it should be less noticeable than Sins of the Father).
Interesting, makes sense. Now that I think of it, the bridge scenes in both episodes didn't have nearly as bad grain. So we can look forward to a variety of film grains throughout the series, reflecting how each scene was shot. I.e. it's not a bug, it's a feature.

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Having just watched this I think it's a shame they chose such weak episodes to do these tests on. Farpoint, I guess, is a given, and there is something fun about it. Sins is pure politics, and serious politics and culture building never seems to go well in a show that mostly camp. It's probably one of the reasons I never liked DS9. I also really hate growling, viking Klingons, which this episode kind of cements as normal right down into the depths of the government as opposed to the nuttiness of a couple of angry ex-soldiers on the run.

And Inner Light is, well, pure schmaltz. It's not intolerable schmaltz, and I like it. But, like City on the Edge of Forever in exactly the same way, it's not the tip top of the series.
I can't disagree more. TNG is not "mostly camp," it's arguably the most serious and mature science fiction show ever. Yes, the first couple seasons had their campy moments, but it was a mass market show debuting in the 80's, what do you except?

Sins was great. The strength of the episode is not the politics and corruption of the Klingons, but how our heroes Worf and Picard deal with it. Stewart gives a great performance showing Picard's disgust with the dishonorable treatment of Worf, and the dishonesty at the highest levels of Klingon society. And Michael Dorn is also very good. I particularly liked his expression after the discommendation ceremony; even though he knew the truth behind it and fully accepted his sacrifice, he still looked like a dog that had just been beaten by its owner. The most important thing about this episode is that it kicks off one of Trek's best story arcs, and in a show that spurned long arcs to boot.

I also don't think it's fair to call Inner Light schmaltz. It may not be the most re-watchable episode, but the performances are great. I never noticed how much Kamen's daughter and wife look alike, a nice touch since of course his son was played by Patrick Stewart's real life son. I thought it was very touching to give us a brief glimpse of a society that knew it was coming to and end, but wanted to be remembered. Big themes, big questions of mortality, family, and putting aside dreams in favor of realities, etc. This is what Trek is about. I agree it may not be "tip top" (top 5?) TNG, but it's certainly top 10.
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