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Re: The highlights of Nemesis

I like the litte meeting between Picard (old and Picard young) he wants to know about his bloodline, were we this were we that. but in the end the yound picard decides that he doesn't care, and was just putting around before putting his plan into action. I thought it was well acted and I felt a interested in this part where as most of the movie the dialouge was blah! In fact this movie was not as good as the other Star Trek's. I also liked the part where the whole bridge blows up and Picard calls for medical teams in his God echo voice. Like....maybe they should go to the other emergency au control bridge before that screen dies and they all get sucked off into space- correction sir, thats blown out. I suppose the medics are there to do what help the ppl that didnt blow out. I see that, but there would have needed them before it blew up too. I was also surpised that you couldnt see the front of the spaceship from the blow up bridge with a hole in. Odd, yeah i didn't like much about this movie, I tried to like it really hard. But not very good really. My sisters boyfreind stold it for crack money and havent replaced it yet, so thats not saying much either.

I like the opening sequence, and the coolest camera work was the memory where the bad young Picard Shinzon is thinking of the mines with that elevator mine shot. And the opening titles were a nice change, and the music was good!

I like that about NEMESIS.
"Now, how are we progressing, Mister La Forge?"
"About like you'd expect, sir."
"Splendid. Splendid. Carry on."
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