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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

SISKO - LOL!!! You just can't bring yourself to write the words: 'I Phaser Eleen (and her unborn infant) and the Doctor and I escape.

You imply the act, but you just CAN'T bring yourself to actually type the words. LOL!! - I think a psychologist would have a Field Day examining that! ROFLMAO!

Okay buddy, you can stop your squirming now LOL!


Here is the rational, as I see it anyway:

1. The entire KEY to the thing is THE UNBORN HEIR-APPARENT TEER.

It is ONLY through the birth and survival of this child which grants Eleen power over Maab, as she becomes the acting Teer until such time as her child can rule on his own (of course Maab and his henchmen COULD pull yet another coup,..)

And it is only through Eleen acting in power that You are going to be granted the mineral rights, which allows you to complete your mission - being the sole purpose of your mission.

2. HOWEVER, since Eleen is trapped in the cave entrance, even if you should elect NOT TO KILL HER (and her unborn), She would remain 'Stuck', and If she would live long enough, the baby would be born into a cave filled with deadly gas,.. and the new Teer dies instantly.

3. If Eleen does not give birth, but Maab and the Klingon find her, they will complete the task they set out to do, and most likely be-head her,... and still the unborn child dies.

Of course MANY THINGS COULD HAPPEN AFTER THE FACT, but the only real is answer is to escape the cave by killing Eleen and the child, and attempt to evade Maab and the Klingon long enough for the Enterprise to return and escape - as the mission to acquire the mineral rights is more than likely doomed the moment the unborn child dies.

But SISKO, how is a guy who can't even type the words: 'I PHASER THE TRAPPED PREGNANT WOMAN', going to actually pull the trigger in real life? LOL!!!!

Okay buddy,.. your turn to put me in the 'Hot Seat'.
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