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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

It could also be that the boy who plays Carl has a way of projecting calm maturity beyond his years. He seems more sensible than Lori, whose problem (as others have said) is probably that the actress exudes a certain unlikability. I noticed that on Prison Break, where she definitely was not supposed to be playing a character that is the least bit unlikable.

It was a few minutes before when he was arguing with Herschel in the bar. When he realized that life goes on. Nothing has changed, death is still death, life is still life.
I liked that. When you really think about their situation, it's not all that completely unusual for the human species, to be surrounded by hungry predators and constantly in fear for their lives. The civilization that they had, which kept such things at bay, is now gone, and they've been returned to humanity's natural state.

Even the risk of the whole human species becoming extinct is natural - species are becoming extinct all around us right now - so why shouldn't they be able to cope with their situation? Their ancestors did just that for hundreds of millions of years.
And that for all the talk of coldness and morals, most of the groups of survivors are going to be FAR worse than our group.
As long as the gang continues to struggle with morality, they're not beyond the pale. Shane yelling at Dale for instance - if he wasn't feeling guilty, he wouldn't bother to yell at the guy for making him feel even more guilty. My hunch is that most people wouldn't struggle with morality for very long, and that this group, even Shane, is being portrayed as unrealistically moralistic, just because that provides some nice dramatic tension.
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