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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

True, we can't say how garrisoned Bajor is. Of course, suspect that next week's episode will show that Bajor isn't an armed fortress, but we'll see.

Again storywise, but the Federation basically has a truce/mutual indifference pact, right? This 2800 fleet may think they did the right thing, and is acting like the Dominion War is still on, but my first response to the cutscene with the Vorta was "oh, honey, you might wanna look at a calendar and then check with your bosses on this one..." I'd get on the horn with the Great Link, and mention that we found their fleet, please come and pick them up before supper. K thanks bye. Unless the Founders wanna restart the war, think they'd get orders to appologize, get back in their ships, and high-tail it for home...
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