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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Temis admitted she would act like Shane if she were in the current situation.
That's still true. Also, I don't see why Carl's attitude is a symptom of coldness or even anything to particularly worry about. Maybe it's worrysome that he isn't showing more emotion vis a vis Sophia, but I see it simply as him being an unusually mature and matter of fact 12 year old who is taking his cues from his father. All he said is, "I'd have done what Dad did in that situation." Is that somehow horrific? I'd say that kid has a solid chance of making it to 13, good for him.

I've also realized what it is that's so fascinating about zombie stories, especially ones that focus on a small group roaming around and trying to survive. The human species has been around for what, 200,000 years? In almost all of that time, our ancestors lived in small groups, surviving as best they could while constantly surrounded by dangerous predators. Every so often, the predators would pick someone off or wipe out the whole tribe.

What this group is going through is nothing worse, really, than what humanity has evolved to endure, and has been our lifestyle for the vast majority of our existence. Okay, it's a bit more demoralizing to think that your friends or family might turn into a lion one day and try to eat you, but the kind of stress these people are facing is normal for our species, far more normal than the lives we lead nowadays.

If we didn't have a lot of Shanes and Carls in humanity's family tree, we wouldn't be alive today to be discussing these things. That kind of cold adaptation to survival is essential to the tribe's survival, and is probably built into our species at an instinctual level. We haven't had time to evolve beyond the people who spent every day of their miserable, short lives worrying about what was rustling in the bushes.

That said, I didn't buy Rick's reasons for sticking around the farm. There's no place else!....There's no place they could clean up. No other farms with wells? Generators they could find/loot? Bullcrap.
I agree, there must be any number of farms around Herschell's place. If the zombies haven't overrun his farm, then there must be others they haven't overrun, either. Just hit a sporting goods store for more crossbows just in case, and go find the least zombified farm.

Start branching out, but keep in touch with Herschell's people. When you run across other survivors, suss them out to make sure they aren't total morons and then induct them into the group - get them crossbows and they can clear out another farm. (If they are total morons, well, Rick showed us how to handle that situation.)

If you can take over adjacent farms, that's the best - you can create a larger defensible space with plans for withdrawing to some ultra-secure central area in case of zombie attack. It drives me a little nuts that nobody is willing to just sit down and talk about their strategy for survival going forward. Now that Herschell has finally gotten his head out of his ass, maybe some progress could be made on that front.

Stop expecting to be saved by going to Nebraska or whatever. They're in an area with good farmland, water, and reasonably clement weather - they aren't going to find a better location for survival. Trying to get away to someplace that's unzombified isn't going to work. Anyplace with a sparse population is also going to have rough terrain and bad weather. I wouldn't want to try to survive a Nebraska winter without an energy grid.

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