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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Actually I think it was really to keep the Dominion from getting any ideas about attacking Bajor.
Not sure how that helps. If you had enough ships to discourage the Dominion, you could have just held DS9, no? Your entire fleet (before damage casualties) couldn't hold DS9, and didn't discourage them from attacking, so why would a lesser, damaged fleet discourage them from attacking Bajor?
I think losing DS9 had more to do with the Dominion troops stroming the station. A fleet doesn't really do any good if your own station is shooting at you.

Besides we really don't know what the defensive capablilites of bajor in the 25th century are, So maybe it was a good fall back point.

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Fleet? Other than a few shuttles and runabouts, my starship was the only one at DS9 when the 2800 ships came pouring out of the wormhole. Thankfully the Jem'Hadar ships were antiquated and I was able to punch a hole in their lines and get all the shuttles and runabouts to safety.
I take it you missed the three or four ships that were helping.
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