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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

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Wow. Rick shot them. Mr. Sensitive goes Alpha Male. No matter. Rick is scrumptious in any context. Zombies think so, too. In a court of law he'd be convicted of murder, but you sensed they were dangerous. Interesting territory here. Of course the alpha male j*****f Shane lovers and defenders at my other board will opine that this is tantamount to Shane offing Otis, but it's anything but.
He would be convicted of murder? That's quite a leap, especially considering the others were armed and pretty clearly "making a move" on him. One had just threatened to kill them all and rob them. With two corroborating witness I doubt he'd even be charged with murder much less convicted.

I think Rick's lawman sense kicked in early on those two, and was correct: Their intent was to get to the "pretty sweet" farm and pillage it, and probably worse things. Rick is definitely set up as a different kind of old-school cop; besides the throwback .357, waiting for the bad guys to go for their guns and then beating them in a quick-draw is pretty far removed from modern law enforcement tactics. Very Marshal Dillon, and another contrast with Shane.

I was one who thought the first part of the season was fine, and this episode was pretty good. I liked that it resumed immediately after the barn shooting, not to some later time as a breather after the intensity of that scene.

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