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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Sure, but you'd also reasonably expect that if the enemy has 2800 ships available, it can probably spare a couple to chase down and eliminate the survivors, seeing as how they didn't even flee out of sensor range, right?

Like I said, storywise it just would have made more sense to get a report that Bajor was also taking fire, and be running to help/protect them, rather than making a staging point still within the system.

we'll completely ignore that game-wise, attempting to warp to Bajor resets your progress half the time, and makes you start the mission over...

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Actually I think it was really to keep the Dominion from getting any ideas about attacking Bajor.
Not sure how that helps. If you had enough ships to discourage the Dominion, you could have just held DS9, no? Your entire fleet (before damage casualties) couldn't hold DS9, and didn't discourage them from attacking, so why would a lesser, damaged fleet discourage them from attacking Bajor?
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