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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Regarding distance and speed.
I am ok with a warp jump to Bajor.
I can see it as a short warp burst with factor 1 or so.
Remember the Phoenix' first flight.
She warped for a minute or 2 and Earth was a lot smaller but still very visible. Distance between DS9 and Bajor is about one AU?
So at warp 1 it would still take about 8 minutes.

Seems reasonable to me.
Sure, except you're trying to get away from a giant armada and regroup. If you're at most 8 minutes away, you're not going to get any breathing room. Pretty good chance they can spare a couple dozen ships to chase you down and finish it. For the story, it would make more sense if you were rushing TO Bajor, to defend them from an attack in progress, rather than running FROM the Dominion and regrouping at Bajor. Wouldn't change much, just a couple tweaks to the text at the end of the mission, and it would make sense why you stayed so close...
Actually I'm pretty sure it was really to keep the Dominion from getting any ideas about attacking Bajor.
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