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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

6. Lost City Raiders: C+
7. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist: B+
8. Contraband: B+
9. Kick-Ass: B+
10. Hereafter: A-

The Clint Eastwood directed, Matt Damon vehicle about a man who can talk to dead people. The story weaves together 3 characters who meet at a London Publishing Expo in the end. A twin who loses his brother, a French news reporter,Marie, who dies in the Sumatra flood but comes back to life and Matt Damon's character George.
George just wants to live a normal life. His brother thinks this "gift" should be used to help people...and making a profit along the way isn't a bad thing. George however, living day in/day out with this knows it to be a curse. He isn't able to have a normal relationship with anyone when they uncover his secret. This is driven home in Act II with an attempt at a relationship with Melanie, played by Bryce Dallas Howard.
Ultimately I like the film cause our French news reporter Marie is also being shunned when she reveals how her experience has changed her. With George and Marie together the film ends in a type of romanticized way that I enjoyed.
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