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The Bridge was packed with the Executive staff. Even Dr. Morgan, who was talking to the Empress. "And I must protest!" he complained to her.

"Oh?" she arched an eyebrow.

"Yes. It's your son. He shredded my Derellian bat with that knife of his."

"And you're actually complaining to me?"

"Well, it was a lot to clean up." Morgan pulled back. "I like a clean Sick Bay."

"Yes, well, you know that Jun has to practice and become skillful. Or would you prefer that he practiced on his sitter?"

"That would be even messier. But the bat, you see. It makes a certain enzyme. Very helpful for treating infections. I won't be able to get another one until we leave this wretched system."

"Can't you just put bandages on everything? Really, Morgan, you know that science bores me." The Empress said, “Ah, the gang's all here."

Doug got to his station, where MacKenzie was standing. "Dismissed,” he said to Aidan.

"No. Keep him here. And you two, stay." Hoshi indicated Haddon and Delacroix. "I have good news. Or, rather, Commander Tucker does."

"Uh, yes." Tripp said, “We can get a shuttle bay open."


"There,” Baden said, “Almost like your mother in her prime." He stood back to admire his work. Jennifer was dressed in a floor-length copper gown with no sleeves and a huge slit going down the front, stopping just before her navel and then starting up again below her knees.

"I wish we had a mirror; you should see yourself. You look good,” Treve said.

"Mirror,” Jennifer said, “Treve."


She touched his face. "Good."

Baden became angry. "Treve, you must control her. Nothing can go wrong today."

"Yes, yes, of course,” Treve said, “Here, sit down,” he said to Jennifer. "We'll leave soon."

"Soon,” she said.


"What are you doing?" demanded one of the doctors in front of Room 116.

Lili blanched. "Doing?" she parroted carefully.

"She must've gotten lost,” Dr. Baden said, “Here, come back with me. Slowly, let's not reopen the arm wounds. You should not go running off like that." he scolded Lili.

"Running off,” she said quietly.

"No. You should not be doing that. You need to rest. You are not well." he shepherded her back to her room, where Chawev, Polloria, Treve and the children were waiting.

"What happened?" Chawev asked, a little alarmed.

"Exploring, I think,” Baden said, “The festival could not have come at a better time. We are losing the connection."


"You sure about that?" Captain Archer asked Commander Tucker.

"Yeah, Cap'n." Tucker said via communicator. "I got a shuttle bay good to go. Can maneuver 'em both out, the way I see it."

"Thanks. Get up here. Archer out,” Jonathan returned to the Bridge.

"Sir, take a look,” Hoshi said, pointing to the screen.

"That's a lot of ships,” Jonathan said.

"They all seem to be going to the second-largest planet,” Travis stated.

"And look over there,” Malcolm said, “Sodium vapor flares are increasing between the two smallest stars."

Hoshi listened in. "Wait, wait a second. I think repairs are working. I've got, wait, wait."

"Can you get a message out?" T'Pol asked.

"I, I think we can listen but not speak,” Hoshi said.

"On screen,” said Jonathan.

"Greetings, Calafans!" It was Chawev, who appeared to be alone on a huge podium. "Welcome to the Festival of Lo and Abic."

"Malcolm, assemble a strike team,” Jonathan said, “Travis, you'll pilot." he clicked open a communicator. "Dr. Phlox, I have an assignment for you."

"Oh?" came Phlox's voice.

"Yes. You, Tripp and T'Pol are off to a hospital."

"Very well, sir."


"Hayes, put together an assault team." Hoshi commanded.

"Delacroix, Haddon," he called. "And, uh, Mac."

"Sir, someone has to man the Tactical Station." MacKenzie pointed out.

"Mac, are you afraid?" Doug asked pointedly.

"Uh, no sir."

"Good. I'll get someone else up here,” Doug thought for a second. "I need a pilot. Can I take Travis?"

"Yes, yes, of course." she took the Communications controls from Haddon. "Gimme those." She fiddled with them for a moment. "Hang on, I've got coordinates. Second-largest planet. A place called Point Abic."

Morgan stood up. He was a thin man who was mostly nose. "I'll be in Sick Bay. Unless you think for some reason I should run the Tactical Station." he sniffed haughtily.

"No. Empress, Cutler can do it,” Doug said.


"Yes, Cutler can. She can bring Jun here and he can watch his first assault,” Doug said.

"Good idea. Always thinking, aren't you, Hayes?" she smiled. "Now get down there and get my Second Engineer back."


Jennifer fidgeted. The gown's fabric was itchy. She grabbed Treve's knee once and he looked at her in terror. "Don't do that." he whispered. They were in the fourth row and probably no one could see, but he couldn't be sure.

"Tre-eve." she smiled at him. "When will this be over?"

He got even more scared. So far as he knew, no one had said the word 'over' to her. The connection was fading and she was fully recovering. And could become very, very dangerous.


Tripp and T'Pol piloted the shuttle while Phlox sat behind them. "I wonder if either of you have any ideas about something I found." Tripp said.

"Oh? You don't want to concentrate on this mission?" T'Pol inquired.

"Well, I think it's a little related." Tripp explained. "Plus we got a few minutes."

"Oh? I am as ready as I suppose I can be,” Phlox said, “So, what is your question?"

"I found – I was looking in the Ensign's bed and also in the beds in storage. Even Hayes, Daniels and Cutler's old beds. And a lot of them had these, these metal discs in them. Just sewn up at the bottom of the mattress. I looked and I didn't have one, and Ensign Crossman and I didn't see one in her bed, either. So I think they weren't put there by the Calafans. But, strange."

"I fail to see how that's in any way related." T'Pol said.

"Actually, Commander, were any of the discs, were they coins?" Phlox asked.

"Yes." Tripp said, “One of them, I think it was an old Greek drachma from Earth. Kinda rubbed down, hard to really tell. That mean anything to you?"

"Absolutely,” Phlox smiled. "It's an old Denobulan tradition. A coin is placed in a bed in order to induce profitable dreaming."

"Profitable? You mean like, to make money?" asked Tripp.

"No, profitable in the sense of, well, more like productive. Solving problems and all. Perhaps some of the Enterprise's beds were produced in a Denobulan factory."

"Maybe." T'Pol allowed. "And the relation is?"

"Well, I was thinkin'." Tripp said, “What if the coins are somehow magnifying what's happening to Ensign O'Day? I mean, no one else had wacky, vivid dreams, right? But she's sleeping on top of a, an amplifier of some sort. Don't know if Hayes is on his side, but if he is, that might be a reason why they were thrown together."

"Fascinating." T'Pol said, “There is the Main Hospital."

"We can't be certain it's the right one,” Phlox pointed out.

"Let's give it a try." Tucker said.


"And now my son, Treve, will tell the story of Lo and Abic." Chawev said. There was thunderous applause.

Treve got up. Lili had been sitting between him and Baden. "Now, you must be very quiet." Baden whispered to her.

"Quiet,” she said.
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