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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Makes sense from a television perspective, but since you're not forced to play them one after the other, not really needed for a game. Especially since in this instance, they aren't released at the same time, so they are dumping you somewhere where they KNOW you have nothing to do for a week

Plus, in-universe, Bajor's probably too close to jump to warp anyway, you'd miss it. Only took them a short time to move the station from there, and they were on thrusters. Anytime you needed to flee in the show, you ended up further away than that (Starbase something-or-other). For this story, it would have made more sense to say that Bajor was ALSO under attack, and you were riding to the rescue, not attempting to regroup 100 yards from the enemy. 2800 ships is enough that you should run further away than that
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