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Re: Are the following books worth reading?

WarsTrek1993 wrote:

TNG: Before Dishonor (The most hated book on the BBS, seems like).
TNG: Greater Than The Sum
TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic
Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire
TTN: The Red King
Death In Winter
DS9: Avatar
DS9: Unity
"Before Dishonor" is pretty good and is a sequel to David's 1991 "Vendetta".

"Indistinguishable From Magic", while it promises a lot, it fails miserable because it was meant to be two books but was cut down to one, so you really have a story that feels more like it's just the 'bones' of the story and there is very little 'meat'. Also half-way through the story the plot with the 22nd century time traveler (who was played on TV by the star of Max Headroom) just end and never picks up again. Not recommended.

"Seize The Fire" - I've read the book but I don't remember what it was about.

"Red King" - if you haven't read "Taking Wing" yet then read that before RK since this is the second Titan book that follows Riker, Troi and Tuvok's story since "Endgame & Nemesis".

"Death In Winter" - takes place just prior to "Taking Wing" and "Resistance" and explains why Dr. Crusher is on the Enterprise-E instead of at Starfleet Medical in the later books.

"Avatar" - nice relaunch story, plus it pays homage to DS9's TV pilot by having the Enterpris in the story. Season 8's premiere episode.

"Unity" - this is kind of DS9's Season 8 finale since the "World's of Deep Space Nine" stories do act as Season 9's opening stories.

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