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Re: Are the following books worth reading?

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I'm not 100% caught up with every relaunch novel (pre- and post-Destiny) and wanted to ask: are the following novels on this list worth a read?

TNG: Before Dishonor (The most hated book on the BBS, seems like).
I liked it.
TNG: Greater Than The Sum
Much of it reads like an apology for "Before Dishonor", where characters apologize a lot for getting a bit carried away. Lots of discussions about the Borg that try to reconcile everything we know about them in the episodes and novels.
TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic
Definitely. I only wish it led to more Captain Geordi books.
Typhon Pact: Seize The Fire
Haven't read it.
TTN: The Red King
Recommend you read "Taking Wing" first. This is a direct continuation of that story.
Death In Winter
Haven't read it.
DS9: Avatar
Essential as the start of the ongoing post-DS9 story.
DS9: Unity
Haven't read it.
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