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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

24. Lady and the Tramp (B)

Lady and the Tramp: This isn't one of the greatest animated Disney films, but it's an enjoyable one, with a deservedly iconic scene (the spaghetti dinner, of course). That the Tramp faces off against an easy adversary at the end didn't bother me; the real drama at the end of the movie is whether or not Lady and the rest will be able to get to the pound before the Tramp is put to sleep.

I'd almost prefer it if the animals didn't speak; Lady doesn't utter a word in the first ten minutes and those scenes work beautifully. There's also the unfortunate fact that when the animals do speak the movie indulges in a few rather unsavory racial stereotypes (the slanted-eyed Siamese cats being the most notable offender, but not the only one) that reflect the period it was made. They're not major elements of the film, but they do occur, and I'd hate to have to explain them to children.

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