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Re: STO: are starship phasers worth a darn?

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maybe just send me a message when you're about to dump stuff too cheap, so I can be ready?

Don't worry, I undersell on the Exchange all the time trying to bring the market down to a realistic rate.
Yeah, the market can be insane sometimes.
"You want this Mk XI common Disruptor Beam Array? That's 75,000 credits!"

Scout101 wrote: View Post
just saying, when there's one Antiproton mag for 100k, and the next is on sale for 150k or more, that's an easy 50k, and it usually sells within a minute.

In general, I just price things for 1 point less than the cheapest comparable one. Unless that's less than half the value, in which case it goes to the vendors. Ones that actually pay half, not the ones that rip you off and give you a third the price.
Like Rocketeer, I just find the prices to be absurd sometimes. I mean, I have 13,000,000 credits, and there are green/blue/purple items on the Exchange that are far beyond my purchasing power. That's ridiculous.
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