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Re: Who would you want to play the captain in Trek series 6

Just scanned the thread and don't think ive seen Jada Pinkett Smith's name mentioned.

She would be perfect because i think she desperately wants to get her teeth stuck into something substantial and she would bring so much conviction to the role. Plus she's a tough girl and could convincingly kick butt. She's also got beautiful green hazel eyes which look great on screen. I think she could bring forth alot of character to the show. She'd be great. Plus "woman can drive" as we seen her as Niobe in the matrix. She's 40 yrs old now, a great age i think for a youngish captain. If the series is 5 yrs off she'd be 45.

With her being a young black female captain pushes the envelope again and with her street attitude she can bring a new tougher dimension to the captain role.
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