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Author turnover: Why did they leave, and where are they now?

Looking at my Trek-related bookshelves, it struck me how many of the authors who penned the older books on there haven't written any new Trek fiction in a very long time, which in turn made wonder about the reasons.

Of course some of those authors will simply have moved on to other writing work as new opportunities arose, or maybe life took them in different directions entirely. Some perhaps also simply weren't very successful at their Trek outing. But I also wonder, do the editors deliberately change the "roster" over time to keep the line fresh or try for new sales opportunities?

Or maybe as the editors changed they tended to bring new authors along they had previous relations with, or to make their own mark on the line to a greater degree?

Are there any memorable stories of TrekLit authors of yesteryear and why they left, and what they moved on to?

Also, as an adjunct of sorts, are there any "one hit wonders" where you really wish they would come back for another go at Trek?
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