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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 6: Part 2

Elias to Quinn, Andrea Hecuba has the emerald! Are you able to get to Cranberry Commons?

“Oh no!” Quinn exclaimed “I will be there as soon as I can, Quinn out!”

She looked around and quickly saw one of her former date partners. She went over to him. ““Corey, could you give me a lift over to Cranberry Commons?” she asked.

“Sure,” Corey Bateman said.

“Let’s go,” Quinn said.

Corey led the way out of the library.

“Elias to Louisa, Scarlett and Nicola; Andrea Hecuba has the emerald and is here in Cranberry Commons.”

Ok,” Scarlett said.

I’ll be right there,’ Louisa said.

I’m looking for her,” Nicola said.

Schloss Morgendorffer
Dinner was finished.
“What now?” Stacy asked.

“What do you mean?” Daria asked as she placed some of the plates into the dishwasher.

“Are we going to look for the others and the emerald again?” Stacy asked.

“I was thinking we could look in Main Street and the streets adjacent,” Daria said.

“Let’s go,” Stacy said.

“Worried?” Jane asked.

“Of course!” Stacy said.

“Jane, Tom, and I are willing to go,” Daria said.

“I’ll join you,” Stacy said.

“You can,” Jane said. She went back into the Dining room where Mystik Spiral were telling stories to Samara, Tananda, Joey and Jeffy.

“And so the guy said that he was there when Jimi Hendrix decided to go to Altamonte...” Max said.

Jane interrupted. “Hey, Trent, Can we take your car again?” she asked.

“Sure, Janie,” Trent said.

Jane came back out. “We can take his car.”

“We could have taken my car,” Tom said.

Jane shrugged.

“Let’s go,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Stacy said.

About five minutes after Elias had lost the emerald, Louisa found Andrea near one of the newsagencies. “Why did you take the emerald from Elias?” she asked.

“He was irresponsible with it,” Andrea said. She was then suddenly panicked slightly as she found that she had lost the emerald. “I’ve lost it!”

‘She may be lying,” Louisa thought.

“I wouldn’t lie about this!” Andrea said when she saw the expression on Louisa’s face, which then changed slightly as Louisa pondered what Andrea had said.

Elias then came along.
Andrea looked him in the eye. “I’ve lost it. You also know that I don’t want Lawndale to get any worse!”

“Right,” Elias said. Scarlett came along whilst he was considering what Andrea had said. “Do you know where it is, Scarlett?” he asked.

Scarlett concentrated. She sensed the emerald some distance away. ‘It may be outside.’ “I’m uncertain, but I think it might be outside, in the parking lot,” Scarlett said.

“I didn’t take it there!” Andrea said.

“Great! It’s probably in the wrong hands,” Elias said.

Then, all of a sudden, there was Zero Gravity in Cranberry Commons...

“Not again!” Lousia said as she started drifting upwards.

“You can say that again!” Elias said. The lack of gravity was rather distracting.

“This just got a lot more difficult!” Louisa complained.

Jane parked the Plymouth in Main Street, outside a store called Dan’s Stationers.

“Right, Tom and I will search to the east,” Jane said.

“We’ll take the west,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Stacy said.

They got out and started searching.

Corey pulled up outside Cranberry Commons at 7:10.
“Thanks for the lift, Corey,” Quinn said.

“Anytime, Quinn,” Corey said.

Quinn got out of the car and dashed away. After watching her for a few moments Corey drove off.

I’m here, at Cranberry Commons, Elias,” Quinn said.

“You can search the Cashmans, if you can manage to get there,” Elias said.


“There is zero gravity in here,” Elias said.

Thanks for the warning,” Quinn said.

“It will be more difficult than at school. The corridors are bigger,” Elias said.

I know that,” Quinn said.

Sandi approached Cranberry Commons from a different exit and saw the zero gravity in effect. ‘Not again!’ she thought. She looked again, and saw Judith Lake, a geeky fellow sophomore, near the entrance. It appeared that she had the emerald! Sandi decided to run into the gravity-less zone. She had learnt from the experiences at lunchtime.

Sandi backed off and then dashed she jumped as she reached the threshold...

Judith Lake saw Sandi Griffin coming as she jumped into the mall. ‘She’s put herself on a collision course!’ She decided that Sandi had learned from Andrea’s encounter with Torii before school. She then wished that the gravity would resume. She landed on her feet and dashed off deeper into the mall.

“Woa-oah!” Sandi fell as the gravity resumed. She managed to land on her feet, and then glanced to see Judith running off. “Give me that emerald, Judith Lake!” she called after her.

Judith saw Elias in the distance and threw the emerald to her.

Elias caught the emerald He saw Sandi and Andrea approaching. “I wish that Sandi Griffin and Andrea Hecuba will go to the Bowling Ally!”

“No!” Sandi called out as she and Andrea disappeared to the wish granting sound.

“Elias, you are dealing with unexplained phenomena!” Judith said.

Elias thought for a moment. “Maybe you could explain it,” he said.


“If you had some sort of laboratory, you could explain it?” Elias asked, knowing that Judith was good in Science.

“Sure, but I don’t have a laboratory,” Judith objected.

“I could wish that you have one. Like that one on that show on Cartoon Network, Dexter’s Laboratory.”

Judith smiled. “That would be cool!” she said. “But there isn’t really room in my house for it,” she said.

“Let the genie, or the emerald, take care of that,” Elias said.

“Sure,” Judith said.

“I wish that Judith Lake would have an advanced laboratory in her house, somewhere,” Elias said.

“Cool,” Judith said. Then Quinn, Nicola and Lousia came onto the scene.

“Situation is under control,” Elias said.

“You have the emerald?” Quinn asked.

Elias nodded.

“I’ll catch a bus back to the library.” Quinn said.

“So you found some information?” Elias asked.

“Some, but I would like to look into it further,” Quinn said.

“Ok,” Elias said.

“Cool, bye!” Quinn said as she left.

Elias waited until Quinn was out of sight before asking Nicola if they could have dinner somewhere.

“Sure,” Nicola said.

At 7:30, Tiffany’s mother arrived at the Morgendorffer’s residence, having parked her car at the curb, in front of Tom’s rustbucket. She rang the doorbell and Helen answered the door. “Frances, Tiffany has been waiting for a while.”

“She has? But what about Stacy?” Frances asked.

“Stacy has been out looking for the emerald. First with Joey and Jeffy and now with Daria,” Helen said.

Frances took this information in. “I think I’ll wait for them to get back,” she said.

“You’re welcome to,” Helen said.

“Good,” Frances said as she entered.

Tiffany was talking with Joey, Jeffy and Tananda in the kitchen when her mom entered. “Hi, Mommy,” she said.

“Any luck with the emerald?” she asked.

“None,” Tiffany said.

“We have come up with nothing, Mrs. Blum-Deckler,” Jeffy said.

“Oh. Well, keep trying,” Frances said.

“We intend to,” Joey said.

“Good,” Frances said.

“I’m ready, Mommy,” Tiffany said.

“We’re going to wait for Stacy and Daria to get back,” Frances said.


As she headed back to the Library on the bus, Quinn overheard others discussing the situation that Lawndale seemed to be getting into.
“It can’t be good at all,” one person said.

“It’s getting worse, or so the rumors say,” another said.

‘It certainly isn’t,’ she thought.

Daria and Stacy crossed Dega Street. “Um, is this a good idea?” Stacy asked. She sounded very nervous.

“Why do you ask that?” Daria asked. ‘Sure , it’s Dega Street, but it’s not that bad,’ she thought.

“The area to the south-west of Dega Street isn’t exactly safe,” Stacy said.

“I have been through this area before at this time of the week without trouble,” Daria said. ‘Many times,’ she thought.

“No offense, Daria, but I don’t think you’re their ‘type,’ wheras I am!” Stacy said melodramatically.

‘She has a point there,’ Daria thought. “If we stay next to each other, we can watch out for each other,” she said.

“Good point!” Stacy said. She stepped closer to Daria.

“But not too close,” Daria said.



“Thank you!”

Daria sighed.

Corey arrived home. “Where have you been?” his mother asked.

“At the library and Cranberry Commons,” he said.

“Well, some strange things are happening. Stay home tonight.”

“I know, I was at school when they happened.”

“Still, stay home.”

Corey sighed as he headed towards the stairs. ‘She’s definitely being overprotective,’ he thought.

Quinn arrived back at the library at 7:40. She found that most of her previous helpers had left. But that was ok. She decided she could find more information about genies, and Agrabah, by herself.

Corey entered his room, switched on his TV and started strumming his guitar...

Daria, Stacy, Tom and Jane met back at the Plymouth at 7:50. “Nothing?” Jane asked.

“We haven’t found any leads,” Daria said.

“Apart from some rumours about strange events at Cranberry Commons,” Stacy said. ‘Quite convincing,’ she thought.

“Rumours?” Tom asked.

“Hardly conclusive,” Daria said.

“No, but they sounded similar to what happened at school at lunch,” Stacy said.

“True, but it’s not much to go on,” Daria said.

“Sounds like there is something,” Jane said.

“We’ll talk about it later,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Jane said.

“You have any leads?” Stacy asked Jane,

“Absolutely none, let’s get back to your house, Daria and discuss tonight’s forays into detective work,” Jane said.

“Certainly,” Daria said as she got into the car.

After his dinner with Nicole, Elias went to the Youth Group he usually attended, at the Lawndale Baptist Church. However he soon found that the Youth Group wasn’t held at the Church, as it usually was, but at someone’s place...

Elias appeared at the end of Emerald Street and walked to the O’Reilly’s house.

“Hi, Elias,” Christine Johnson said.

“Hi, Christine,” he said.
His friend Shannon O’Quillan approached the house. “Has been a wild day, hasn’t it?” she asked.

“What do you mean?” Elias asked.

“A lot of weird happenings in Lawndale today,” she said.

“That’s true,” Elias said.

“There are lots of rumours too, and there usually isn’t a tornado here,” Shannon said.

“True,” Elias said, in thought.

“So what about those rumours of zero gravity during lunchtime at Lawndale High?”

“No comment.”


At 8:00 Quinn called home.

Helen answered the home. “Hello,” she said.

Hi, Mom,” Quinn said.

“Quinn! Where have you been? I’ve been so worried!”

In the library, acting like Daria.”

‘That doesn’t sound like her. I mean it does but like if she was assured of her intelligence like Daria is,’ Helen thought. “Quinn?”

And at Cranberry Commons, the emerald was there most of the afternoon after that tornado went away.”


I’ll be home soon and I’ll fill you in,” Quinn said.

“Where are you now?”

The library, I think that I’ve found out that the Aladdin movie has a basis in fact.”

‘The Disney movie? A basis in fact? What is she thinking?’ “I’ll be right there.”


‘I guess she’s still herself. Jeffy and Joey are here.’ “Oh, right. Anyway, Joey and Jeffy are here. I’m sure that they would be happy to pick you up.”

They were helping Daria, weren’t they?” Quinn asked.

“Somewhat,” Helen said.

Tell them I’ll be waiting out the front.

“I will, see you, Quinn.”


Jeffy and Joey exited the Morgendorffer’s house as Daria, Jane, Stacy and Tom pulled up. “Where are you going?” Daria asked.

“We’re picking Quinn up from the library,” Joey said

“She called your Mom from there,” Jeffy said.

“What was she doing there?” Jane asked.

“Not sure,” Jeffy said as he went to his car.

“Maybe being like Daria, according to her Mom, whilst she was talking to her,” Joey said sounding confused.

“OK,” Daria said, wondering what Joey meant.

“What do you think Joey meant?” Daria asked Jane as they headed towards the kitchen.

“No idea,” Jane said.

Stacy entered the kitchen and saw Tiffany’s mother with her. “Hi, Mrs. Blum-Deckler.”

“Hi, Stacy, did you and the others find anything?” Frances asked.

“We didn’t,” Stacy said.

“Maybe Quinn has some information,” Daria said as she followed Stacy.

“I’m sure she does,” Helen said.

“She better tell us,” Daria said.

“I’m sure she will, you know how talkative she is,” Helen said.

‘Oh, do I!’ Daria thought.

Back at the O’Reilly’s Elias had decided to ‘spill the beans’ to Shannon. “What? A genie, you cannot be serious,” Shannon said.

“I am,” Elias said.

“Prove it!” Shannon said.

“I guess I have to,” Elias said as he produced the emerald and rubbed it...

At the Griffin Residence, Jean and Sam were playing chess. “Check,” Jean said as she took one of Sam’s bishops with a rook and thereby placed his king in danger.

“That’s annoying,” Sam said. He moved the king into an adjacent vacant space. Jean then stood up. “Someone’s rubbing the emerald, I have to go,” she said.

“Wait!” Sam said. He lunged forwards and grabbed the genie’s arm. They both vanished from the Griffin’s game room...

Elias was surprised when he saw Sam arrive with Jean. “There appear to be two genies,” Shannon said.

“I know that Jean, the female, is the genie. The other is Sam Griffin, a middle schooler,” Elias said.

“I’m definitely a human boy,” Sam murmured.

Judith Lake to Elias Howarth.”

Christine came over in slight shock. “How did they appear out of thin air?”

“You didn’t notice them before?” Shannon asked.

“No! They appeared out of thin air!”

“No they didn’t,” Elias said.

Elias, are you there?

“Well, something happened!” Christine said.

Elias knew that he would have to tell Christine the truth. “Elias, are you there?” Judith asked again.

“Judith? What’s up?”

According to these sensors, there was a neutrino surge a minute ago,” Judith said.

“Thanks for letting me know, Elias out.”

“Are you going to tell me?” Christine asked.

“You know, those rumours about a genie? They’re right!”

“No! They can’t be right!” Christine said.

“And yet they are,” Elias said.

“Prove it!”

“I just did, hence these two appearing,” Elias said.

“You saw it,” Shannon said.

“Prove it!”

“Ok, I wish we were in the emerald,” Elias said, not sure that it would work.

“Are you sure?” Jean asked.

“Grant it,” Elias said.

“Ok.... Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Jean said. She granted the wish and she, Elias, Christine and Shannon all vanished. The emerald fell to the ground. Sam picked it up.

“I guess I have it again,” he said.
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