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Is it true there's no ME1 available for the PS3? That's a shame. I just finished my first run through of the ME2 and quite enjoyed it. (I'm aware the most recent edition of ME2 for the PS3 has an "interactive backstory" included, but for some reason it doesn't work on the copy I have. I'm told it's supposed to kick in at the very start of the game, but nada).
My understanding is that the comic is free on PS3, but you still have to download it from the Playstation Store.

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So maybe I should wait until another "expanded edition" comes out for the PS3 with the DLC material included?
They never did that for ME2, and the one for ME1 on 360 only had one of the two DLC.

In short: I wouldn't count on such an edition.

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True, the PS3 edition didn't have all the DLC material - I just learned of the existence of the so-called "war veteran" extra character.
Everything that I've read has said that Zaeed is in the PS3 version too. And he's pretty hard to miss. I don't know why you didn't find him, unless he's bugged without a patch you don't have.

[EDIT: I did some research, and it looks like Zaeed (and the other Cerberus Network content) requires a download on PS3 as well, and weren't actually included on-disc.]

But it is missing Arrival, which released after the PS3 version.
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