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Is it true there's no ME1 available for the PS3? That's a shame. I just finished my first run through of the ME2 and quite enjoyed it. (I'm aware the most recent edition of ME2 for the PS3 has an "interactive backstory" included, but for some reason it doesn't work on the copy I have. I'm told it's supposed to kick in at the very start of the game, but nada).

I am however a bit torn regarding whether I should buy ME3 when it comes out in a few weeks or if I should wait. Presumably they're going to do that whole DLC thing again. And yeah I could download them and pay the fee, only my PS3 isn't hooked up to the internet and given certain security issues in the past I'm hesitant to change this anytime soon. So maybe I should wait until another "expanded edition" comes out for the PS3 with the DLC material included?

True, the PS3 edition didn't have all the DLC material - I just learned of the existence of the so-called "war veteran" extra character. But it had Kasumi (who I found when teamed with Miranda made for an unbeatable group in all but a handful of non-loyalty missions, including the final battle) and introduced FemShep's LBD as well as the way-cool Shadow Broker Easter eggs. I agree it does feel like Shadow Broker was meant to be post-suicide mission, but we're so conditioned into thinking that the game ends when the credits roll I bet most people just finish the mission as early as possible. Which is good anyway because of the bonus upgrades and resources you get, though it does spoil Legion in advance. I'm replaying ME2 and intend to do Shadow Broker the moment it's offered so I can access the goodies.

So there might be rewards for waiting.

Like most things I'll probably make the decision when I'm standing in Game Spot or Best Buy with a copy of it in my hands...

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