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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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So, basically, DC's latest "innovation" is to remake what Gerry Conway and Paul Levitz did 30+ years ago in "All Star comics" with JSA and the Super Squad.
Comics reviving and revitalizing past concepts????? SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!
Oh, I understand that. What I don't understand is why it has to be like that or, more to the point, why DC thinks bringing back a concept that was based on nostalgia in the first place, and has always been so, is the way to attract the elusive "new readers."

The original JSA stories are approximately seventy years old. The first JSA/JLA team up is closing on on fifty years ago. The Super Squad stories are getting close to being forty years old.

In contrast, the supposed "new reader" is going to be (I'll guess) 25 years old or less. I'm guessing DC had hoped even younger than that. World War II, for those potential readers, is as remote a concept as the Civil War was for readers in the golden age.

Furthermore, most of the GA heroes were rebooted several times since then, in an effort to make them more relevant to the new readers of that time: Jay Garrick became Barry Allen who became Wally West who became Barry Allen again. Allen Scott became Hal Jordan who became John Stewart/Kyle Rayner and then Hal again. Al Pratt became Ray Palmer. Ultimately, it begs the question: if the GA JSA was still relevant to more than a handful of nostalgia fans, why did/does DC have to keep replacing them with new versions?

What it really points out is that DC really has no idea how to attract new readers. They're basically still just recycling the same stuff into reboots and wondering why no one cares after the first few "collectible" issues.
The JSA has had an ongoing series since 1999, IIRC it was pretty successful, too. So its appeal goes beyond WWII/Golden Age nostalgia. The team and its members have gained new fans.

As to why they revive/revamp/replace and return to old concepts. The reason is simple they were successful and have name recognition. The same reason Ford revived the Mustang name and VW the Beetle. Basic marketing. Plus they own those names.

Though when DC revamped their heroes/concepts in the late 50s and early 60 they weren't really counting on "nostalgia". They assumed anyone who read about Jay Garrick would have given up on comics by the time Barry Allen appeared. So the Flash was a "new" concept to the audience. Of course they were soon proven wrong and the readers got "Flash of Two Worlds". Which proved popular with readers, even those who never heard of Jay Garrick before that issue. I know I had never heard of Alan Scott the first time I read a Green Lantern comic. I picked it up because it looked cool. Though the first GL comic I bought was a crossover featuring Alan Scott, which prompted my life long interest in GA heroes. I wasn't old enough for nostalgia at that time.

I don't think DC or Marvel cares about the under 25 market anymore.
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