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Re: Ray's TAS shuttlecraft...

My progress with 3D modelling has been incremental, stumbling at first, having "ah ha!" moments then hitting yet another wall. But bit-by-bit I'm getting there. Recently I've learned the power of Sketchup's solid tools which have solved certain problems for me.

Sometimes I over think a problem and other times I mistake something for being too simple. But I'm gaining more confidence with every session.

Here's where I stand. The scoutship's shape may be deceptively simple (just like TOS' Class F design looks deceptively simple), but they're both nuanced shapes with unusual and easily missed details. But I'm taking heart because I've come a long way as evidenced in the posted screenshot.

In the background you can see the schematics I've imported as immediate references for the model. In the foreground is an X-ray image of much of the scoutship's main hull section. I rather like working in this transparent mode so I can easily see all sides at the same time and note potential problems without having to always turn the model around.

Certainly I'm finding it easier to make the hull in separate parts before putting them together rather than trying to build the main hull all in one piece. Actually I'm not sure I'd have any idea on how that could be done.. In this sense I'm finding 3D modelling is exactly like building a physical real world model.

Forgive my little ego-boosting here because I'm feeling rather good about how far I've come. I know there'll be more stumbling blocks along the way, but I'm feeling a lot more confident about this then I thought I ever would in the beginning.
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