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What surprises me is that when she showed up again four years later I knew who she was instantly. When Lt Carey showed up in one of the final episodes of Voyager I had completely forgotten who he was, it wasn't until years later that I realised he wasn't a random goldshirt. But I still remembered Mila even though she had only been in one scene, so she definitely made an impression.
Not to go off-topic, but I knew exactly who Carey was when he showed up, and given the events of the episode I think I might have preferred it to have been a random character.

Hell, that even undermined "Endgame" to some extent.
With regards to Carey (in "Friendship One") I might have cared had he not been absent for so many episode. The role could have been a generic character and it would have made no difference to the episode. Yet only a couple of episodes later Janeway is travelling back in time to prevent the death of only 16(?) more crew she could have gone back a couple of weeks earlier and saved one more.
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