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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Sucks the parts don't play together, though. If you got two of the Mk XI parts, and got a Mk XII drop, doesn't make a set.

Honestly, the Prototype Salvage is the most frustrating. 2 Rare Salvage chips get you any Mk XI part (non-set) in the store. 1 Prototype Salvage gets you a Mk XII, which you can't otherwise get. I'd rather the Prototype Salvage be able to be used towards the Mk XII sets, honestly. Even if it took 2 to get one set piece. It would be a 'wild card' that lets you make up for the crappy drop rates, and if you just can't beat, say, Cure Space Elite often enough to get the drops, and are better at Infected or KA, more runs of the other one would still let you complete a set eventually...
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