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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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How did you like the Spirit Walk duology?

Edit: Whoops, Old Wounds is only the first part.
That's fine, Sho, I'm rereading the novels anyway so I'm aware of any plot points.

Just my basic thoughts on the first novel, but I actually enjoyed more this time than I did the last. When reading in 2005 I remember the scenes on Boreth going on forever and ever and boring me to tears, but they weren't a large part of the story than I initially thought.

Of course, the biggest difference this time out was that I was more invested in the Chakotay and Kaz stories. With Chakotay especially, I believe my interest stems with the excellent work done on the character by Kirsten Beyer's later novels, seeing him not as a dull character who served as Janeway's yes man. I lapped up the stuff dealing with his sister's experiences on Dorvan V and the fears of the colonists as they approached Loran II.

Basically, a long-winded way of saying that I enjoyed the first novel and look forward to picking up Enemy of My Enemy when I'm finished with Resistance.
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