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It's a shame we never got the informant's name. There's a Cardassian informant of Odo's mentioned in season seven's Treachery, Faith and the Great River; Russol. It might be speculated that this is Russol.
I always took it that Russol was supposed to be the same informant because the circumstances of their meeting were so similar; Odo goes alone in a runabout to the Star Trek cave set. It's a pity we never got learn more about him, he made quite an impression in this episode.
I agree with TheGodBen; I always assumed that the informant was suspected to be Russol. It's funny, though, I thought I had read somewhere that that was the producers' intention as well, but I just read through the entry in the Companion, and looked on Memory Alpha, and all I can find is MA's speculation... oh well.
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