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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Finally caught up with this. I was holding off since I was already up to date with the comics but I ran out of stuff to watch.

For people saying Sophia being in the barn was obvious. For me, as a comic reader it was totally not. In the comics she
, so I totally didn't see it coming since they were following pretty close up to this point on the mortality of the regular characters. I was expecting them to use her as a lead in to one of the other locations that they find later in the series. I suspect that they expected people to have heard to read the books to know she isn't supposed to die and threw a curve ball. Even though the show has done it's own thing, now pretty much everything is off the table and people who have read the comics can't expect to know what's going to happen. I thought it was a great idea and well done.

As far as the zombie science goes, and particularly the cracked article, we can't know. There are lots of assumptions made by people on the nature of the zombies. First and foremost that all the flesh is dead and decaying. But as far as we know the virus itself could be protecting the zombies from both decay and bugs and the cold through some sort of metabolism. (There's zombie short story called Americanski Dead at the Moscow Morgue where where the zombification process is handled like this where it's too cold for them to move, but then these zombies just like queing for lines.) You could even take the extraordinary step and solve the problem of closed energy systems by saying the virus is converting sunlight in to limited energy. It could be something as simple as a parasite that pares down all nonessential body processes to keep it's hosts moving in order to spread itself better. Viruses can alter DNA and parasites can hack insect brains to do their bidding. Who even knows if the zombies actually will go on forever right? In 28 days later the non-zombies all died out once their nutrients ran out.

But beyond that, all this really is is making midichlorians. It's like people these day's can't stand to just have zombies or vampires. There needs to be some BS pseudo science explanation for everything because people are so afraid to approach anything that even hints at mysticism or faith. Lol, it's like the mirror version of homo-phobia. "Eww, what... not scientifically explained?! Gross! What are you calling me an evangelical?! Man I burn bibles for fun! I have a tattoo of Jesus wearing a sombrero man, don't be calling me no god-lover." In the end all it's doing is creating lots of stupid ideas about science like above. Shit, sometimes the dead just rise and try to eat your flesh.
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