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Re: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Oh it was.. i owned that game back then when, as a young schoolkid, games were usually "aquired" on school grounds by swapping 3,5'' disks and a "get it back tomorrow"

I played it to death, reloaded so many saves to get out of critical situations and was so proud when i finally researched the last version of the body armor.. ah, good times!

I don't know if it was unique for its time as was Dune 2 which started the whole RTS genre (another game i played religiously) but it had so many cool elements and the graphics were top for its time.

I played every iteration of it since then and most were ok but it never captured the magic of the first one.. i'm not expecting that out of the new one but i love going back to the franchise every once in a while and this game is definitely on my list.
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