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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

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10. Blood Simple (A-)
11. The Big Lebowski (B+)
12. West Side Story (A-)
13. The Hours (A-)
14. Lady and the Tramp (B)

Walt Disney expresses his love for dogs and deals the Siamese cat breed a blow from which it has never recovered. For "dog people", the simple domestic scenes seen from Lady's POV are very cute. It's an effortlessly charming little film, with typically excellent animation, but it lacks anything to really put it over into the realm of greatness. The climax also features a dog whom we've previously seen defeat three other larger dogs in combat facing off against a rat, so the stakes never really get off the ground.

Cinema: 4
Home Video: 9
Computer: 1
I should probably see Lady and the Tramp again soon. It's been ages since I've seen it and I still consider the Spaghetti and Meatball scene one of the classic, greatest love scenes in all of cinema.
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