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Re: Hey Guys I really need your help!!!!

Try this site unless your father really doesn't like the Star Trek 2009 movie. You can get everything from specialty plates to cake decorating kits (though you might have more immediate success by checking with your local bakery or one inside a supermarket since they often do specialty cakes if ordered early enough).

These prices are somewhat low, as well. That could be a sign they don't carry the most spectacular items, but if you order something you really want to get and see how it arrives, that could open the floodgates for other items.

Here's the link:

Check it out and tell us how it's coming along!

You might also know who his favorite characters, ships, generations, and episodes are, and get them either in action figures, larger figures or even statues that are available online.

Give us a few more specifics so we can mull them over and lead you in the right directions!

And let me say your father is really lucky to have a really great group of children who are willing to venture into an area they're not familiar with to give him a b-day he'll never forget.
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