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Re: Comic Book Events/Crossovers to read/avoid

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House of M: C

like Flashpoint, it's an utterly pointless what-if story that's only important for the ending continuity reboot event. at least the art was pretty
Flashpoint, I didn't find pointless at all. Aside from the continuity re-imagining, it resolved the issues Barry was going through since the beginning of Flash: Rebirth, it gave some interesting closure to Batman regarding his father, and it featured the death of Professor Zoom (who had been built up as a major foe in the preceding two years).

That said, compared to previous summer crossovers, this one was much more contained to its title character and not nearly as universe-wide.

JD wrote: View Post
new krypton
I am just finishing up reading this in trade form. I recommend the following trades to really get the whole story.

The Coming of Atlas
New Krypton (1-4)
Codename: Patriot
Supergirl: Who Is Superwoman?
Supergirl: Death and the Family
Mon-El: Man of Valor
Nightwing and Flamebird (1-2)
Last Stand of New Krypton (1-2)
War of the Supermen

If you want some more preludes to the arc, I recommend these as well. They are not really necessary to understand the New Krypton storyline, but they foreshadow some of the themes and/or introduce/reintroduce some major characters:

Up, Up, and Away
Last Son
Escape from Bizarro World
Superman and the Legion of Superheroes
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