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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Personally, I think it is better that the servers are not able to handle to number of players than to have a FE that works without a hitch. It shows that there is a larger than anticipated influx of new players who all want to play the latest mission. Yes, the swamped servers may hinder some players enjoyment (and I do agree Cryptic needs better handling of such situations and better error messages), but overall I think it is a good thing for the long term prospect of STO.

Besides, most MMO official forums are filled with angry fanboys who are constantly shouting to get heard. The more popular a game is, the louder and angrier these voices get. Its a universal constant. Which is why I have always favored community operated, player moderated forums (such as The Safehouse and Druid's Grove for EQ) who work hard to keep the level of noise down and make sure all discussion are rational and constructive.
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