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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I've now caught up with my rewatch. My Crossover episode is damaged on the Season Box Set, but, I have it on The Alternate Realities set, so I skipped past it, so I didn't need to change sets for 1 episode.

So, when I got to Through The Looking Glass, I popped in Crossover, and then watched Through The Looking Glass right afterwards. Crossover, I really enjoyed, Through The Looking Glass is fairly good, but, not as good as Crossover.

Distant Voices, I don't have a problem with Julian's secret not being exposed, the characters were parts of his personality and feelings. His secret isn't personality or feelings, it's a part of every part of him, so I don't see why (or how) people would expect it to be portrayed as a character. Most folks die from this kind of attack, Julian's Superior Mental prowess allowed him to win and not die.
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