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Re: Engineering's curved hallways

Left and right full (or X degrees) rudder have been the standard commands since World War I.
...Replacing "starboard" and "port", respectively. And that's not an error.

Realistically, command language in the 3D battlescape of Star Trek should have room for more directional commands than just "right/left" and/or "port/starboard". Seagoing ships have just two degrees of freedom: left/right and forward/aft; "port/starboard" is currently reserved for bearings rather than maneuvers. But a spacegoing ship of the Star Trek type would have significantly more degrees of freedom, including turns to right/left, translations to right/left, turns to up/down, translations to up/down, and then translations forward/aft, and then roll.

It's thus very good that ST6 told us that they at least use "right/left" in parallel with "port/starboard"...

Timo Saloniemi
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